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Og natura is a new brewery whose aim is to make use of underutilized Icelandic ingredients such as crowberries and blueberries. We make wine and beer using wild Icelandic ingredients in a natural process without the use of chemicals or preservatives. Our emphasis is on purity and quality of ingredients.

Our first beer is a blueberry beer which is light and summery. Over the next few months we will be producing more berry beers, sour beers and cider. In 2019 we will present our first crowberry wine, a biodynamic wine where the ingredients take centre stage.
Og natura places an emphasis on collaborative brewing.
Og natura


Og natura blueberry ale

Liljar Már

Blueberry ale 6.5% vol

A crisp, crimson ale with lovely herbal notes and not nearly as sweet as you’d think. Liljar is brimful of hand-picked berries to brighten up your day.

Og natura Crowberry wine


Crowberry wine 9% vol

A lightly carbonated beverage to enliven your palate, to be enjoyed in the company of small bites or great friends.



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